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Swiss Army Knife Developer
Hervé -Jami- Denoyelle

Hervé -Jami- Denoyelle

Multi language programming experience combined with a passion for video games. Known for good teamwork and leadership skills. Tenacious problem-solver with a strong work ethic . Love challenges.

My Resume

Swiss Army Knife Developer

Because you can’t go anywhere if you don’t see the path you are walking on, the technical director draws the limit through time and space of the software development.


  • As3
  • HaXe
  • C#
  • LUA
  • Basic
  • C/C++
  • IT monitoring
  • Prototyping
  • Planning
  • Leading
  • Bug Tracking
  • Training
  • Sound Design
  • Game Design
  • Flash Animation
  • English
  • French

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